Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I pick up this unsecured wireless connection (public network) what does that mean?

These 'hotspots' may or may not be intended for public use, but as they are open, anyone can use them.

They can also be 'honeypots' where intentional low security settings lure parties into connecting; then attempt airwave capture methods to collect data streams. The ultimate goal may be sinister in nature.


can be trouble if you don't use extra precautions.

Because 'open' networks have no encryption between your unit and the router, everything you send or receive is in plain text. Meaning that a hacker, with a commonly available application, can intercept and log all of your traffic 'packets'; and with commonly available software, can run "brute force" programs that crack passwords.

So the best advice is: do not visit sites that are private, or require 'log-in', or credit cards, banks, etc.

The only secure method to use, over a 'hotspot' is a VPN, or SSL website.

Constrain your lappers random interface with these so you can make a logical choice about connections, securtiy, and so on:

Laptop settings:

If you're using Windows to configure your Wifi, go to Control Panel> Wireless Network Connections> Wireless Networks tab; here you'll need to identify all wifi networks your system 'sees', then for your own (or preferred) network, highlight it, then 'move up' to the top of the list: then, go to 'Advanced' button, tick 'access points only' and uncheck 'Automatically connect to non-preferred networks'>close> OK

Don't use these. In my experience they never really work, and they could be someone who set up a fake access point to steal your passwords and such.

If you do want to try anyway, first install a proxy server to protect your computer, for example for Windows, there is a free program called Hotspot Shield.

Just be aware that anyone can use this connection - it is not

password protected and your transmissions can be received

by others . If you can use a secure connection you are safer

from receiving unwanted viruses or trojans.

it means theres a connection around you with no password!

i recommend you take advantage of this! lol

and connect to it


(if you can connect)

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